My name is Stephen and I’m a Full Stack developer in London with a passion for technology particularly web applications and systems. 

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Different Types of Sites


Building an online store is not just about showcasing your products.

It's having the systems and processes in place to make it easy for you to manage stock, market your products and change your catalog with a few simple steps.


Portfolio sites are ones that do not require a shopping cart and payment payment features.

In this case design and a clearly defines site are necessary to give customer an enjoyable experience.



Bespoke user friendly designs tailored to your needs and requirements. Interactive web pages aimed at standing you out from the crowd.


A nice, attractive site is not enough. A good website will need to load quickly, be easy to use and functions as intended.


Keep your website fresh and up to date by having full control of the content whether it’s an open source or bespoke content management system.

Using the right tools





case studies

Media Training LTD

Media Training is a training centre located in the centre of London that has been operating for around 25 years. They provide a wide range of courses including bespoke and private courses in related fields.  

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Take a look at this sample restaurant website

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